I may be a Christian rapper but I could easily out bar those who you consider the best! For his glory alone!



Hip Hop....What's most important when it comes to the Art? Being able to finesse? Or what about a catchy hook? Maybe it's the gold-filled lifestyle rappers brag about. No. What happened to the Lyrics? What happened to the substance and realness of the art? Is lyricism an endangered thing now?

Kid Prince (Jeff Prince) grew up a product of the rough streets. Introduced to music at a very early age, he developed a love for music and it's ability to instantly change the atmosphere of any room, he was captivated by its ability to transition into any sound, whether it was Rap, rock, jazz, folk, alternative, R&B, Soul, or Pop. To him Music was powerful.

Growing up, he encountered a lot of struggles that the streets have to offer. From his mom leaving him at age 4, moving house to house, city to city, sleeping in the whip with his family of 6, or joining the crips; his escape from everything around him was music. Kid started battle rapping in Middle School. With influences like Wutang Clan, Nas, The Fugees, Damian Marley, he quickly developed a passion for lyricis. Studying and breaking down techniques from Tech Nyne, Eminem, and Rakim.

It wasn't until the year 2007, as a Junior in High School that Kid found his calling. While attending a Youth Encounter at his Church, he was faced with the question, "If you were to die today, where would your soul go?" That question alone was enough for Kid Prince to truly evaluate his life and give up everything that was not honoring the Jesus he began to fall in love with. Throwing away everything he once thought he couldn't live without, he began to throw away the weed and anything else that fueled his flesh.

"The hardest thing to give up was my music. It was my escape from reality. Every CD and every artist I listened to helped me in some way, or so I believed they did. Everything else was easy to toss out, but my music, dude when I had nothing else, I had that. So I prayed. I knew Rap was a talent I had and I knew I had to keep using it. I figured yo God you created everything, including this Rap thing, let me give back to you. Let's bring back that substance, let's bring back asking the tough questions like Tupac, let's address the drug problems like Nas, let's talk about Oppression like Common did, but most of all I wanna live your commandments and introduce You to the Kids that otherwise would probably never hear the Gospel."

So that's Kid Prince... "I may be a Christian rapper but I could easily out bar those who you consider the best! For his glory alone!"


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